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USB To Lightning Fast Charging Nylon Braided USB Data Cable with Digital LCD Display

Private model Customized LOGO and Package Sync and Charging Cable high speed data transfer


Functional Description:

1. The no-load USB Data Cable is plugged into the power supply, and the 2 contents of time and current are displayed in a cycle of 3 seconds.

2. When no load is inserted, the display enters the standby state after 60 seconds by default. When there is load access, the display automatically wakes up.

3. Plug the Fast Charging USB Cable into the power supply and connect to the load. USB self-test current, time, voltage three contents are displayed in 3 seconds cycle, the system defaults to 5 hours power off.

4. The display of current and voltage depends on the current and voltage of the mobile phone during real-time charging.

5, Timing adjustment: press the back (or side) button, there are 10 gear adjustment, H01 represents it will turn off the power after 1 hour, H02 represents it will turn off the power after 2 hours, and so on. Press the button once, the charging time is increased by 1 hour, the button is pressed 2 times continuously, and the charging time is reduced by 1 hour.

6, USB memory function: When the charging time is set, if the USB Plug is not powered (do not pull out the USB), the next time you plug in the phone to charge, it is still the previously set charging time.

7. During charging, when the current is less than 60mA, the screen only shows the voltage, time two contents. When the current is less than 60mA for up to 1 minute, USB power off.

MFI certification is a kind of logo license of Apple Inc. for the external accessories manufactured by its authorized accessory manufacturers. It is Apple's made for IOS "made for iPod," made for iPhone, "and" made for iPad "refers to the electronic accessories specially designed for connecting iPod, iPhone, and iPad respectively. And these accessories have been authorized and certified by Apple to meet the performance standards of Apple products. Apple will not be responsible for the operation of the device or its compliance with safety certification standards.

AttributeUSB To Lightning Fast Charging Nylon Braided USB Data Cable with Digital LCD Display
ContactRachel He  +8613823544100


MaterialsAluminum Alloy Housing and Nylon Braided
MAX Current2.4A

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