Zinc Alloy USB Cable

Zinc alloy data cable means that the plug of the zinc alloy USB cable is made of zinc alloy. Common aluminum alloy plugs, PC plugs, and zinc alloy plugs are currently on the market. So what are the benefits of zinc alloy plugs? It should be from the following aspects.
1. Compared with other plugs, zinc alloy plugs are anti-oxidation, not easy to age, and can protect the color for a long time.
2. The hardness of the zinc alloy plug is tougher than other materials, and will not be scratched, worn, or deformed.
3. Zinc alloy has good moldability, so it can lengthen the protection of the zinc body to the wire body to prevent breaking and cracking.
4. Zinc alloy can give people a more comfortable feel, richer shape, and visual impact, which determines the value of a data line."

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