PD Fast Charge Cable

PD is one of the quick charge agreement, USB PD fast charge cable increase electricity through a USB cable and connectors, extend the fast charge USB cable bus power supply at the application ability, can achieve a higher voltage and current, the conveying of up to 100 watts, PD must support the charging standard of android mobile phones and apple will standard PD charger USB PD: USB Power Delivery Power transmission protocol, USB Power next year's new standard called USBPD, USB PD protocol based on USB "3.1, is the type of USB3.1 - c port after put forward the concept of Power transmission. Can bring more flexibility for the technology, will charge the ability to expand to the current 10 times: up to 100 watts. Simon, Daniel, was the founder of the science and technology company Moixa, he was in the London office with enhanced USB port prototypes for laptop batteries. The office of low voltage LED desk lamp is also used by the same route. The same is true of computer monitors, printers, and desktop computers. Only the microwave oven, hot water bottle, and power-hungry using a traditional power supply. A new standard called USB PD will be redesigned for power transmission, provide users with more powerful power output options. USB 3.0 currently carry 4.5 watts, and varieties of USB BC can provide 7.5 W, and USB the is widely used in intelligent mobile phone, digital camera, and tablet.

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