PD charger with Apple cable MFI knowledge

PD charger with Apple cable MFI knowledge

1. The charger alone can be MFI certified, and the supporting cable can also be MFI certified; the output current is divided into four specifications: 1A, 2.1A, 2.4A, and 3A

2. Both the output connectors USB-A and USB-C can pass MFI certification, and the USB-A port current is only compatible with three specifications of 1A, 2.1A, and 2.4A;

3. MFI certification requires that the output voltage of the USB-C charger can only have two gears of 5V and 9V. USB-C 5V can correspond to 3A, and the 9V current is determined according to the applied power;

4. Apple is a USB-IF member. To pass the MFI certification, the protocol chip used by the charger must first pass the USBPD/PPS certification to obtain the TID certificate; when sending the MFI certification, the TID certificate number must be reported to pass the audit and start the test;

5. Apple MFI certification requires pure PD protocol to be certified, that is, the protocol chip is compatible with protocols such as QC/FCP/AFC/BC1.2 and other protocols must be shielded; if the sample is compatible with other protocols, the MFI test is directly NG, and the actual after MFI certification Other compatible protocols can be added in production

6. Single-C or single-A fixed power output charger single product or matching line-it is easier to pass the MFI certification; the single-port charger must pass the USB PD certification before the MFI test can be performed; the matching line is one. If it starts, the line is the main test object, and the charger is the auxiliary test, so there is no requirement for the charger USBPD certification

7. If the 1C1A charger defines the USB-C port to pass MFI certification, the output power of the USB-C port must be a fixed output (that is, if the USB-C is being tested, the other port is also connected to the load and it will not affect the current test port. , Otherwise test NG), and the voltage and current meet the MFI requirements to pass the MFI certification; if the sharing or power reduction scheme has passed the MFI certification, the current test port will be affected due to another port load. Test 1. Set NG;

8. When any port of 2C1A/2C or other multi-port chargers needs to pass MFI certification, the MFI certification interface is required to have a fixed output power and is not affected by other interfaces; and the output voltage and current meet the MFI certification requirements

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