Iphone GaN

In 2021, Apple will launch a high-power USB PD fast charger based on gallium nitride power devices. Compared with current silicon-based chargers, this product is smaller, lighter, and more efficient. This is another major news after Apple announced that it will no longer use the charger. It also announced that Iphone has officially entered the era of PD fast charging.

According to the volume comparison between Apple's existing products and the adapters using GaN chips, this is also a topic that many manufacturers talk about. The advantages of adapters using GaN chips are obvious, which is half of the existing products. Observed from the charging head network, the current reliability of GaN on adapters has been verified by the market, and Apple will almost certainly use GaN in its own adapter products to miniaturize and lighten the adapter

GaN is a third-generation semiconductor material. Its operating speed is 20 times faster than the old traditional silicon technology, and it can achieve three times higher power. When used in cutting-edge fast charger products, it can achieve far more than existing products. Performance, in the case of the same size, the output power is increased by three times.

We are a professional charger manufacturer, and we are currently in the forefront of China in terms of GaN technology. The following is our company's GaN products,

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