About USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C data cable

About USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C data cable

  With the popularization of USB 3.1 Type-C, the market share of USB-C to USB-C data cables continues to increase. This kind of cable has various advantages that traditional cables cannot match. Dongguan Ronghe Electronics Co., Ltd. newly released a USB3.1 data cable.

  After experiencing USB1.1, USB2.0 and USB3.0, we now launch a USB3.1 data cable. The maximum transmission rate of USB3.1 Gen1 can reach a theoretical bandwidth of 5Gb/s, and the maximum transmission rate of USB3.1 Gen2 can reach a theoretical bandwidth of 10Gb/s. Therefore, the transmission speed of USB3.1 Gen2 is 2 times faster than USB3.1 Gen1 and USB3.0.

  Not only in terms of charging speed, USB3.1 has been greatly improved. USB3.1 also supports video output. Based on the original USB bus in the Type-C interface, a DisplayPort video bus is added. That is to say, the video output function of the Type-C interface is USB+DP instead of the traditional USB Display Link technology. Whether it supports DP1.2 or 1.4, its bandwidth is sufficient to support the use of an external 4K@60Hz display.

  Finally, regarding this product, we also launched a whole series of related products, including usb cable, Type-c to DC3.5mm audio cable, Lightning to DC3.5mm audio cable, DC 3.5mm male to DC 3.5mm female audio cable , MFI certified Lightning to DC 3.5 mm audio cable, Type-c to USB female audio cable.

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